Lindsay’s Lounge: October 2022

Hello!  Welcome to TAPED’s Parent Blog.  We hope that you will find the information on our website helpful, insightful, and/or inspiring!  We welcome input and would love to hear ideas for upcoming posts.

A little about me.

My name is Lindsay Chandler.  I have been an interpreter for just over 20 years.  I got my start in Odessa.  In 2001 I started working in the DFW area.  My love is interpreting in the K-12 setting, yet I have also done community and higher education.  Educational Interpreting, I feel, is the most rewarding of all settings!  It’s awesome to have a front row seat as children grasp concepts and grow into their own.  I am currently the Lead Interpreter for Plano Regional Day School Program for the Deaf.  

My most important “job” is being a mom to my 9 year old son, Xiao.  He has a moderate to severe conductive hearing loss due to microtia.  Communication in our house is extremely important.  I feel it’s important for my son to be able to express his needs and wants, and it’s important for us to be able to teach him what we feel is important about life.  How do we make this work?  We follow Xiao’s lead!  We are a signing and talking family!  At any time you will find us talking and/or signing in ASL or SEE.  We have Deaf and hearing friends and family so he gets to see it all!  There are times he wants to sign with no voice and times he wants us to just use our voice.  All the while, we gauge Xiao’s understanding and support his needs.

Since communication is important to us, we focus quite a bit on learning new language.  (I used to be “one of those moms” and had a list of words Xiao could use independently. haha)  We have nurtured a curiosity for new words and sayings.  We also narrate our lives as we are doing new things.  There are also times I have to stop what we’re doing so that I can have Xiao’s undivided attention to explain new things.  Throughout the year, I hope to be able to touch on some techniques or strategies that have worked for my family so that you all might be able to try them out too! Look below for one of our favorite ways to learn language!

Lindsay’s Language Lounge

As a parent with a DHH child, developing language is always on the front of my mind!  One way my son has loved to learn new language is through multiple meaning words.  Multiple meaning words are words that are spelled the same but have different meanings when used in a different context.  Each of my blogs will have a different multiple meaning word and ways that you can incorporate its use in everyday conversations. The main goal is to have fun with it!

This month’s multiple meaning word is…RUN.

  • (Intentionally leave the water running.)  “EEK!  I left the water running!  Does that mean the water has feet?  No, it just means the water was left on”
  • (make a list of places you are going.)  “I am running errands.  Do you want to join me?  Are we actually running or will we drive?  We will drive to get things marked off our list.”
  • (During allergy season) “Ugh!  My nose is running.  UH OH! Does my nose have feet?  No, it just means I have drainage”
  • (Stand next to your car with the engine on. Touch the car to feel its vibrations) “Is the car still running?  Does that mean my car has legs?  No, it just means the engine is on.”
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