SWCED 2024 Questions & Answers

We wrote the RFP to select one or more agencies to fulfill different services needed by the conference. You will be notified if selected of which services we are selecting you for.

Unfortunately, as a statewide conference, we need to set an example for all educational organizations to follow suit. We will not accept any non-certified interpreters. We will accept non-certified CoNavigators/Interveners only if our participants specifically requested for them.

Absolutely! Below you will find the historical data of services used in total of the conference.

  • Hours of CART Services: (1 participant requested, approximately 20 hours in total.
  • Hours of ASL Interpreting Services in total: approximately 120 hours in total
  • MISC (DeafBlind, SSP, Interventers) Hours in total: None

Great question! Indeed, we require, at a minimum, ASL Interpreters for all sessions and then increase services as needed based on the requests of participants. We will know our participants' request by 4 weeks before the conference.

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