From Our President

From Our President

Welcome to T.A.P.E.D.

Welcome to the website for the Texas Association of Parents and Educators for the Deaf (T.A.P.E.D.). It is with great honor that I currently serve as President of the organization.

One of our greatest accomplishments as an organization is the ability to provide scholarships to high school seniors and to individuals persuing degrees in the field of deaf education. Each year, T.A.P.E.D. awards these scholarships to recipients who submit applications and meet eligibility criteria. We understand the importance of higher education and make it a priority to support those in pursuit.

Another support we provide is the extensive planning and hosting of the biennial Statewide Conference on Education of the Deaf and Hard of Hearing. Each conference, committee members spend two years planning and organizing this very unique conference that specifically targets the educational needs of students who are deaf and hard of hearing.

Because of the commitment of many T.A.P.E.D. members who serve on the planning committee, this great conference continues to be a success and benefits students, families and educators across our great state and beyond.

I look forward to collaborating with families, educators, and community members to ensure excellence, equality and success for students who are deaf or hard of hearing.


Kelley Watt

- T.A.P.E.D. President


Want to donate to T.A.P.E.D scholarships or become a SWCED sponsor? Great! We truly appreciate your contributions. Through donations, we are able to provide scholarships to students and educators, as well as maintain a quality biennial statewide conference. Click here to donate now!
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