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Your donations provide scholarships to students and educators.

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SWCED Conference

Bring the Future into Focus at the SWCED 2020 Conference, July 14-16, 2020, in Corpus Christi, Texas.

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Since 1985, T.A.P.E.D. has awarded more than $70,000 in scholarships.


Through donations, we are able to provide scholarships to students and educators, as well as maintain a quality biennial statewide conference.

Our Mission

Families, educators, and communities collaborating to ensure excellence, equality, and success for students who are deaf or hard of hearing.

Supporting Deaf/Hard Of Hearing In Texas

Founded in 1984, the Texas Association of Parents and Educators for the Deaf became the “statewide voice” for educators and parents of the deaf. One of T.A.P.E.D.’s first goals was to support a Statewide Conference. Since inception, the SWCED Conference has continuously brought in outstanding state and national presenters. No other Texas conference has the support of such a wide variety of stakeholders involved with children who are deaf and or hard of hearing.

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T.A.P.E.D. seeks to advance state-of-the-art education for the deaf by providing a forum in which ideas, new techniques, and educational approaches and issues can be discussed. T.A.P.E.D. is supported by:

Families & educators collaborating to ensure excellence & equality for students who are deaf

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