Carmen’s Corner: October 2022

Welcome to the Educator’s Blog for T.A.P.E.D. We look forward to sharing information on topics that are of interest to you as well as relevant to the area of Deaf Education. Here is a link to get feedback on the topics you would like to be covered

About Me

My name is Carmen Castro Toriano and I have been in education for 25 years. Currently, I am the Coordinator for the El Paso Regional Day School Program for the Deaf (RDSPD). However, before my current role, I was an itinerant teacher of the Deaf at one of the school districts in El Paso with a two-year break by working as a Resource teacher in Newark, NJ. After NJ, my family and I returned to El Paso where I resumed by position as an itinerant teacher.  

My family consists of my husband of 23 years, two daughters, a son, and one dog. My husband is also an educator. He has been teaching high school math for 20 years. One of our daughters is now married and is an elementary school counselor, the other is working, and our son is majoring in Computer Science.

Balancing my roles as wife, mother, friend, and educator, are important to me. It is not an easy feat; nevertheless, I have been able to do just that by implementing meditation and yoga. Being mindful, not having a mind full is something that I continuously work on to help me have balance in my life.

Mindful Moment

Mindfulness, SEL, mental health are all words that are probably very familiar to you. Nevertheless, I am sharing some mindfulness activities as a reminder to take some “me” time.

4-7-8 Breath

Quick “How To”: Sit or lay down. Place tongue on the roof of the mouth. Exhale before beginning. Breath in through the nose for 4. Hold the breath for a count of 7. Breath forcefully out the mouth, making a whooshing sound for a count of 8. Repeat 4 breath cycles twice a day.


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